About Hypres


HYPRES manufactures American-made high-pressure breathing-air compressors, Class 2 Containments, air management panels, DOT/ISO/UN & ASME air storage cylinders, and Oxygen sytems. This product line serves the fire, HAZMAT, industrial, military and SCUBA markets.  Hypres Equipment currently sells its products through a nationwide distributor network.

In 1964, Marilyn & Noel Hansen founded High Pressure Engineering.  Noel Hansen was an underwater diver in the Navy for many years.  Following Noel’s duty in the Navy he found there was a lack of high pressure breathing air systems in the United States.  Noel began purchasing military compressors and converting them to high-pressure breathing-air compressors. His ingenuity made High Pressure Engineering one of the leading pioneers in the industry.  In the early 90’s High Pressure Engineering became what it is known as today - HYPRES when Ron and Marcia Peeler purchased the company.

In April of 1996 HYPRES began packaging North American Compressor (NACC) blocks within its compressor applications.  Ron Peeler, an owner of HYPRES since March of 1992, has had an interest in NACC since September of 1994.  North American out-sources the manufacturing of components to CNC companies that specialize in that service and NACC assembles the high-pressure compressor blocks.  These pumps are based on a proven design and have been improved for true continuous duty.  NACC is located in the same city as HYPRES allowing for efficient delivery and availability for parts.

In 2001, HYPRES developed and built the first single cylinder Class 2 Containment in the industry. It was  tested by a licensed engineering testing company and received certification to conform to National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1901 standards.  HYPRES also built the first 90° door opening for Class 2 Containments in the industry.  Our fill station line is comprised of air, oxygen, and air/oxygen applications.  Oxygen Containments are also able to be integrated into our “All in One” HYPRES compressor series.  These applications are available in mobile or stationary designs.

In October of 2009, Hypres began the process of developing a compressor pump line based on the compressor pumps we helped design and sell in 1996 and have been buying since then. We started installing the Hypres line of pumps in our compressor systems in early 2011. Hypres copied the basic design and made several improvements. This was done with an engineering firm in Michigan, using the latest scanning and Solid Works modeling program.
The exciting part is Hypres now controls the quality and quantity of another American product for our customers. And we have increased the number of products in this new line.

Hypres Equipment is proud to produce American made products, and is fully committed to producing quality products and providing quality service to our customers. Hypres Equipment is devoted to doing what we say. This concept is the backbone of Hypres.