Aviation Oxygen Containments

Aviation Oxygen Containments

The Hypres Aviation Fill Stations fills one or two cylinders at a time.  The enclosure provides increased safety during the fill process, only operating when the door is closed and locked.  The Hypres Aviation Fill Stations are designed to contain the destructive force of an accidental cylinder failure or hose rupture, while allowing the energy blast to be vented away from the operator.

The Hypres series containment systems have been third party tested and evaluated by two independent companies to ensure their safety rating. The videos below are two rupture tests performed by the third party company on 4500PSI oxygen cylinders. The two reports from the safety studies as well as the engineering data proving the oxygen systems has an increased safety factor to that of the SCBA systems, can also be found below. 

Containment Engineering Study

Two tests performed by a Professional Engineer (PE) were conducted by Bentley Engineering Inc. These tests were performed in accordance with NFPA standards. An 80 cubic foot 4500psi SCBA bottle (DOT-E-8059) was placed in the Hypres containment. A 0.44 caliber test barrel containing a remote magnum cartridge was mounted to the back frame of the containment and was used to rupture the cylinder. The PE concluded from the test that the containment was able to hold its structural integrity, despite a catastrophic bottle rupture. The PE certified that the Hypres Containments meet NFPA fill station regulations at 1901 Section 23.9.1 (1,2 and 3). Both reports and video's can be found in the links below. 

A safety study was conducted by another PE from Oklahoma State University to determine if Hypres' Aviation Fill Cabinets would sufficiently prevent personal and property damage in the event of a catastrophic cylinder rupture. An extensive search of OSHA regulations was completed. This study calculated the energy release from the SCBA rupture and was compared to that of the conditions of the energy release from that of Aviation Oxygen storage cylinders. Based on the PE's calculations, the Aviation Oxygen Storage Cylinders have 44.2% of that in the SCBA cylinders. This provides an additional 2.3 safety factor over the witnessed tests performed by Bently Engineering Inc. To see the report and the calculations, see the attachment below.

HPE4550-2-O-AV, HPE4650-1-OCL2-AV, HPE4750-2-O-AV

Maximum Fill Pressure 1,850 PSI

•Exterior Cabinet Contains ¼” Steel Plate On All Four Sides

•Drawer Contains ½” Steel Plate Construction &  ¼” Steel

on Three Sides of the Cabinet, Result is ½” Steel On All Four Sides

•Fabricated By ISO 90002 Company, Laser Cut, & Certified Welded

•6 mil Zinc-Rich Primer & Powder Coat on HPE4550-2-O-AV and HPE4650-1-OCL2-AV

•Vented Through Rear Bottom of Cabinet

•All Control Components Located Inside Cabinet

•All Components are Oxygen Cleaned Brass and Stainless Steel


Dimensions: 33.5”W x 26.5”D x 48.25”H, Approx. 700lbs.




Dimensions: 24.5”W x 26.5”D x 48.25”H, Approx. 600lbs.





Dimensions: 33.5”W x 56”D x 49.75”H, Approx. 800lbs.

Double horiz.