Compressor Pumps

Hypres H-20

The Hypres Series compressor pumps are available as integrated in fully assembled breathing air and industrial gas systems manufactured by independent high pressure professionals around the world.

The Hypres Series compressors are made in America, Oklahoma, to withstand the stress of modern continuous duty service in the most demanding applications. The Hypres Series blocks are the ideal choice for flexibility and trouble-free performance in the breathing air, safety, diving, industrial, cng and nitrogen markets.

All Hypres Series blocks are built to the highest quality standards and are supported by a two year manufacturer's warranty. Replacement parts are readily available and reasonably priced.

The H-20 features four-stage radial design for compression of 18 scfm at 6000 psi.


State of the Art Design:

  • Four-stage design for low vibration and balanced rod loads.
  • Strong two-piece crankshaft for superior durability.
  • Heavy duty, Electric-driven, oil pump which allows an 8 second pre-lube prior to startup with a high capacity spin-on oil filter provides generous lubrication to critical wear areas for longer pump life.
  • Interstage coolers, aftercooler, finned cylinders, finned aluminum heads, high-capacity fan with 10 nylon polymer blades 8"long allows cooler operating and discharge temperatures.
  • Dual crankcase covers for easy access to crankshaft and connecting rods.

Top Grade Materials:

  • Aluminum crankcase eliminates unnecessary weight.
  • Cast iron cylinders for strength and durability
  • Ductile iron counterbalanced crankshaft with large diameter throw.
  • Aluminum cylinder heads for superior heat dissipiation.
  • High-grade aluminum connecting rods for high strength and precise alignment.

High Quality Components:

  • Anti-friction front and rear bearings for smooth operation with lower horsepower and long crankshaft life.
  • 10 nylon 8" long fan blades and blade guard.
  • Stainless steel, disc-in-plate valves for long wear and excellent heat resistance and dissipation.
  • High-quality o-rings between cylinders and heads for efficient sealing

Quality Assurance:

  • All compressor pumps individually tested and certified for performance to required operating conditions.
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty