High Rise Air System

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HYPRES has developed a High-Rise Breathing Air System. With the unfortunate disasters of September 11th, the need for this type of system is desired.  This system eliminates the need to return to the ground floor to refill SCBA cylinders.

The system contains an exterior refill air panel, six ASME air storage cylinders, and a dual position Class 2 Containment SCBA fill station.  An exterior refill panel allows any fire department to refill the storage cylinders from a mobile application.  The air storage cylinders are designed to refill at minimum thirty two 2216 SCBA cylinders at full air storage capacity.  SCBA Class 2 Containment fill stations are placed every 5 floors.

Exterior Lockable Refill Air Panel

  • Lockable Stainless Steel Recessed Panel
  • Mounts on Exterior of Building
  • Universal Connection (CGA 347) for Refilling Air Storage Cylinders
  • Inlet & Outlet Pressure Gauges, Fill Valve, & SS Bleed Valve, & Ball Check Valve

ASME Air Storage Cylinders

  • (6) ASME Air Storage Cylinders
  • Automatic Sequencing Valves
  • Low Pressure Alarm 110 Volt
  • Vertical 3x3 Steel Powder Coated Rack

Fill Station w/Bulk Style Air Panel

  • Dual Position Class 2 Containment
  • Bulk Style Air Panel
  • Adjustable Regulator 0-6000 PSI w/ Inlet & Outlet Pressure Gauges
  • NFPA 1901-71, 23.9.1-4