Hypres Compressor Frames, Air Panels, Class 2 Containments & Storage Racks are built with a finish that is 2 mil, Zinc-Rich Primer and 2 mil, High-Quality Textured Powder Coat. All of these cabinets and frames are built to the Hypres specifications by ISO9000 companies with engineers that use laser cutting, professional certified welders and powder coating.

 The Hypres, HY Series - an all-in-one system built from the Hypres individual components - (Compressor, Containment, Air Panel & Air Storage) and mounted on a common base. If a cylinder ruptures in the containment, Hypres will replace the containment for free. The rest of the unit will not need to be replaced.

 Hypres Compressor Pumps - assembled at the Hypres location for Air & CNG Systems. Three of these pumps, (H-10, H15 & H-20) have been in service since 1996-1998; the quantity sold since 1998 is over 700. In 2013 Hypres introduced the H-5, 3 stage, 5 cfm 4500 psi compressor capable of filling storage. This addition brings the Hypres Compressor line to 4 models.

 ·        3 stage models:            

        H-5, 5 cfm @ 4500 psi 3 stage,

        H-10, 10 cfm @ 5000 psi 3 stage.  

 ·        4 stage models:

        H-15, 13 cfm @ 6000 psi, 4 stage.  

        H-20, 18 cfm @ 6000 psi 4 stage.

 All US-Made Hypres pumps use the inlet & outlet valves made by US Hypres vendors.  The valves are assembled at Hypres in Oklahoma City.

 Hypres Compressor Pump Oil lubrication System is Electric-Driven allowing an 8 second pre-oiling prior to the compressor turning on.

 The 2-4 stage units, (H-15 & H-20) have oil injection on the First & Final stages.

 The H-10 3 stage unit has oil injection on all 3 Cylinders

 Auto Condensate Dual Drain System with 2-3 Way Valves & 2 Solenoids allows the 2 lower pressure separators to drain first, then 5 seconds later the high-pressure separator drains.

This dual system drains more completely, more quietly and is Hypres’ best design. It also comes with a 5 gallon reservoir, designed for this specific purpose.

 Baldor Electric Motors made in Ft. Smith, Arkansas

 Control System - 24 VAC, Siemens Logo1 Controller

 Oxygen-Clean, Class 2 Containment Fill Stations, Oxygen Panels & Oxygen Boosters

 Compressed Natural Gas, Home & Commercial Fill Stations, NFPA 52 Compliant

CNG pumps have a mechanically driven oil pump.